Week 10 - Boston Marathon Training

I'm at the point in marathon training where things get pretty tough and weeks start to fly by really fast. The mileage is high, the workouts are intense, and I have a love/hate relationship with all of it! Haha - it always ends with love, but it's freaking hard right now!

One of the things I struggle with the most is the training/work/life balance, which I'm sure many folks feel when they are marathon training. As the mileage and time invested into training grows, those other things don't go away or subside. That's when I find myself shorting myself on sleep to continue to do everything required of me, but this is also when you need sleep the MOST - when you're mileage is high and you're training hard.

Woe is me right?? No! I get to do this and I really love it, so I suck it up when times get tough. And I'm loving the results I'm getting from this training cycle so far. My runs this past week went very well - even with less sleep and coming off a week of being sick. I worked super hard and crushed my speed workout and first double day of the training cycle on Tuesday. I was nervous going into the 18 mile run on Saturday because my legs, specifically my quads, still felt pretty torn up during my strides the day before. I felt so strong throughout the run though and even got my fastest mile in at mile 17 at a 7:30 pace. The run called for 18 easy/aerobic miles, but you'll notice that your aerobic base grows throughout your training cycle and the faster paces become easier. Same thing goes for recovery miles. When I first started this cycle, my recovery runs were around 9:00-9:20 pace, now, they are between 8:40-9:00 pace. It gets easier! Stick with it!

Week 10 Schedule:

Monday: 8 aerobic miles (8:07 average)
                Hip Strengthening (planks, side planks, donkey kicks, bird dogs, bridges)
Tuesday: 3 miles - morning (8:15 average) - 
                9 miles - evening (7:19 average) -  1.5 m w/u & c/d + 3 x 10 min (6:34, 6:29, 6:37) w 2 min recovery
Wednesday: 7 recovery miles (8:42 average)
                      20 min recovery yoga
Thursday: Cross Training - 25 minutes elliptical + 30 minutes of strength training
Friday: 6 miles + 8 x 100 meter strides with 100 meter recovery between (8:16 average)
Saturday: 18 miles (7:57 average)
                 Hip Strengthening (planks, side planks, donkey kicks, bird dogs, bridges)
Sunday: 6 recovery miles (8:47 average)
                10 minute kettle bell workout

GRVL 2 year anniversary ceebration

GRVL 2 year anniversary ceebration

In the midst of a 57 mile week, I had a dinner with my man Ricky and his coworker and his wife on Thursday, which was lots of fun. It was an exhausting night though - after the dinner we went to the GRVL Runners 2 year anniversary party. GRVL was the first group I started running with in Long Beach, so I love them all so much I had to go! I think I got home sometime after 10 and was in bed by 11 that night, only to wake up at 4 am to get in my 6 miler. Brutal, but worth it. Life never stops for training, so you just have to push through the hard times and figure out how to balance it all. I think I'm finally figuring it out on my 7th marathon training cycle... the secret is lots of coffee and peanut butter ;)

How do you balance life and training?


Week 11 - Boston Marathon Training

Damn this week hit hard. Not because the training was particularly difficult, but because I got sick. The toughest thing during a training cycle besides dealing with an injury is getting sick. It feels like a huge setback, and it can be, depending on how you deal with it.

After the 5K and brunch last Sunday, I was feeling a bit run down. I still woke up early to do my 8 miler on Monday morning and felt okay. Throughout the day though, I felt like my allergies were going nuts - my nose wouldn't stop running, I was sneezing, and my head felt like a balloon. I just assumed it was allergies and started some medication for it. I felt horrible on Tuesday morning and ended up leaving work early to go home and sleep for the afternoon. I texted my coach who told me to skip my speed workout and rest or run easy until I felt better, and I was totally okay with this.

Rootz Nutrition

I did my run on Wednesday in the morning, but felt terrible again afterwards. At this point I gave up on a speed session for the week - the goal was to get better so I could focus on my long run and still get in the mileage. I felt much better on Thursday, so I did the scheduled mileage from my speed workout day, but did them at a steady sub 7:50 pace rather than doing anything crazy. My body felt a bit worn down afterwards, so I rested for most of the day. By Friday, I finally felt better and my long run went well.

Besides pulling back on my workouts and not pushing myself, I really focused on my nutrition during the few days I was sick. I made sure to drink kombucha (my choice when it comes to getting probiotics), and getting whole, clean foods. Not a lot of sugar or ingredients, which is my motto on a regular basis anyways. I think it helps overall when your body is feeling rundown to not continue to feed it foods that will exacerbate that feeling.

Week 11 Schedule:

Monday: 8 aerobic miles (8:20 average)
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 6 aerobic miles (8:21 average)
Thursday: 9 miles at 7:44 average
                 30 minute kettle bell workout
Friday: 6 miles + 8 x 100 meter strides with 100 meter recovery between (8:21 average)
Saturday: 16 miles (7:44 average)
Sunday: 6 mile recovery run (8:37 average)

The week looks slim, and you can tell I skimped on my recovery and strength training. It was also busy - I went out to the Surf City Marathon and Half on Sunday morning with my friend Liz to cheer on Keri, one of my first clients I took on when I started coaching, and a few other amazing folks from our local running group and the larger running community. It was tons of fun and I was so glad to experience the spectator side for a change. I also enjoyed being able to attend one of my clients' events - watching Keri finish the race feeling strong and happy was amazing and I couldn't be happier for her!

Liz made the BEST signs!

Liz made the BEST signs!

Keri killed it and felt good the entire race!

Keri killed it and felt good the entire race!

I'm feeling back to normal and this week is just as busy, but these 50 mile weeks are feeling much easier this training cycle. I'm always grateful for the support system I have, not just from my coach and the running community, but from my family and friends. That's how you get through it.

Have you ever gotten sick during a training cycle?

Did you race this past weekend? How'd it go?