One-on-one Coaching Rates:

$129/month for month-to-month
$109/month1 for 3 month program
$99/month1 for 6 month program


We welcome athletes of all abilities to participate in our coaching programs. Here, we’re all about your individual journey and living up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun running and reaching for new personal bests on your own terms.

We’ve streamlined our on-boarding process so that signing up for one-on-one coaching is EASY.

Step 1 – Tell us about yourself:

Step 2 – Let’s get to know each other:

We'll schedule an initial 30-45 minute introductory phone call with Jessica where you’ll tell her about your running goals, past training, life schedule, and other relevant information. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask Jessica about her running philosophy and experience to determine whether or not you’d like to work with her and join Team Sugar Runs.

Step 3 – Decide on a program and reap the benefits of having a personalized coaching experience running with Team Sugar Runs!

After you’ve completed all three steps, Jessica will create a custom training plan for you using the Final Surge online training log. Your plan will be released to you in weekly to monthly increments. You'll have access to your training plan online via the Final Surge app or website, making it easy to quickly view your schedule and performance details no matter where you are. You’ll also get a copy of the Sugar Runs Nutrition Guide for Runners.

At the end of each month, you can schedule a call with Jessica to assess your progress and make appropriate adjustments to your training.

The Benefits of Choosing to join Team Sugar Runs for One-on-One Coaching:

Time – eliminate the hours spent planning your training and get more time to focus on the joy of running

Motivation & Accountability – report back to Jessica after each workout and stay focused on doing your best

Perspective – get Jessica’s assessment of your training so that you don’t needlessly risk injury and/or burn out from doing too much too soon

Expertise – receive unlimited access to an experienced runner who’s faced many of things you will during training and races

Attention to Detail – your training plans will include the little things that help you improve your overall athletic performance (e.g. drills, strength training, stretching, and more)

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or email Jessica directly.

1Multi-month programs require payment in full for all months in advance.

Our online coaching platform allows us to coach athletes from around the world. View the map below to see where our athletes are representing Team Sugar Runs!