I'm a 2015 Ambassador for Nuun & Girls Run Fast!

I was notified this week that I would be a 2015 ambassador for not one, but two, companies that I am so excited to be partnering with. I am officially a 2015 ambassador for Nuun and Girls Run Fast!

Nuun is such a fantastic product that I was just introduced to this past year. These hydration tabs come in many flavors (I love Lemon+Lime and Tri-Berry) and provide essential vitamins and electrolytes that are necessary for both active and everyday activities. With no added sugar, you get all the benefits of a traditional sports drinks, with fewer calories (they are only 6-8 calories per tablet). I highly recommend trying out Nuun as part of your training regimen (Nuun Active) or for everyday use (Nuun All Day).

Girls Run Fast is focused on inspiring women to be healthy and promoting strength and fitness through community. They create unique jewelry that commemorates what you are passionate about - whether that is running, cycling, yoga - they want women to be active and proud of their accomplishments no matter how small or large.

I am so proud and excited to start 2015 supporting and partnering with these companies, and I'm looking forward to what else 2015 has to offer.