2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

With just a little over a week until Christmas, I figured it wasn't too late to share my holiday gift guide. I posted a holiday gift guide last year when I had just started getting serious about my running journey and only knew about a quarter of the cool things that were out there for runners. Not that I wasn't serious before that, but I had just signed up for a marathon and realized it required a bit more than just a good pair of shoes. Now, I don't think marathoners are the only ones who benefit from good running gear, and I'm still a firm believer that all you need is a good pair of running shoes to get the job done. But, with so much to choose from, it's hard to decide! Here's a few things I can't live without, and every runner would love to receive.

A GPS Watch - a game changer for anyone who's trying to improve their speed or make their workouts more effective. My pick is the Garmin Forerunner 620, but there's lots of other great models and brands out there. Garmin just came out with a brand new model that's worth checking out too - the Forerunner 630.

Flip Belt - This was on my gift guide last year, but I could not have made it through marathon training this past year without this belt. It doesn't bounce around and is super comfortable. I can carry 3 gels and my phone inside and I can fit more (although I've never tried!).

Nathan Handheld Water Bottle - This bottle got me through all of my long runs during the hot summer days leading up to my fall race. The strap is great because you don't have to actually grip the bottle for it to stay on your hand. It's almost like your running hands free. Almost.

Muscle Roller - This can be a foam or hand roller. A runner at any level will appreciate this gift. It will help soothe their sore muscles after those intense workouts. You can find the hand roller I use here.

Race Registrations - Registering for races can be the most expensive part about running for those who frequently toe the line. Find out what races your runner is interested in for the coming year (I'm sure they'll be excited to talk about racing plans), and pick a race they haven't signed up for, and that you can afford. If you aren't sure they've signed up for it or they might before you exchange gifts, give them a nice handmade card with a coupon for a race registration of their choice. Thoughtful and a much needed gift!

Training Journal - For any runner who is interested in improving, a training journal is an awesome gift. They have specific ones for runners - like Lauren Fleshman's super inspiring Believe journal - or you can just get them a really snazzy planner to use.

Running Shoes - Duh. Find out what their go to pair is, sneak a peek at their size, and buy them the only thing they really need all the time. Oh, and if they only have one pair, buy them 2 new pairs. They need at least 2 pairs to keep those feet happy.

Nuun - I love Nuun. It was on my gift guide last year, and I think it will be forever. It helps me drink more water every day, and get my vitamins. Watermelon is my favorite flavor :)

Compression Gear - Sleeves, socks, tights. All of it. They help with recovery and on really cold race days. There are a lot of great brands to choose from, but Pro Compression is my go to. Their arm sleeves helped keep me warm at CIM.

Happy Shopping!