2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Less than 2 weeks until Christmas! I can't believe it. I've put together this list every year since starting my blog, but this year has to be my favorite yet. There are so many great products out there for every runner in your life. I've compiled some of my personal favorites, and included discount codes and links where applicable. Happy Shopping :)

A few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things

Garmin Forerunner 235 or 630

The best GPS watch, hands down (IMO), is the Forerunner series from Garmin. I have both the 235 and the 630 on my list because, while both are great, they have slight differences. The Forerunner 235 has a built in heart rate monitor, which means no separate chest strap if you want to do heart rate training. There are debates on the accuracy of the wrist based heart rate monitors, but if you're interested in the data and hate the chaffing of a chest strap, this watch is for you. While not a true triathlete watch (for that, I would recommend the Forerunner 920XT), it can be used for swimming, running, and biking.

Similarly, the 630 can be used for all 3 cardio exercises. The major difference from the 235 is that the 630 doesn't have the built in heart rate monitor, but the perk is the touchscreen. I have the 620, the previous generation, and I love the touchscreen when racing or doing tough speed workouts. It's easier to just tap the screen to change the view and see how your pace is for the mile that you're in and then tap it again to switch back to the overall time and current pace screen. By mile 25 in a marathon, you'll be thankful you have a touchscreen. The 630 is currently 43% off on Amazon!

Photo courtesy of  Garmin.com

Photo courtesy of Garmin.com

Roll Recovery 8

I finally invested in this pricey roller ($119) at the Vegas Rock N' Roll Expo because they had a deal on it (I think it was $20 off), but I don't know how I ever lived without it. It's so easy to use and it really gets deep down in those tough to reach places that a normal roller just doesn't get into (think inner thighs and shins). Give this to the runner who hates foam rolling, but really needs to do it. You can get 10% off at rollrecovery.com with the code HoHoHoR8.

Roll Recovery R8

Compete Training Journal

The perfect training journal for the runner who is ready to step it up and stay focused. The Compete Training Journal allows you to set intentions for the week, provides supplementary reading that helps you get in the racing mindset, and you can get a copy signed by Lauren Fleshman herself when you order directly from the Picky Bars website.

Compete Training Journal

Picky Bars Club Membership

Picky Bars are my favorite post run snack because they have the perfect balance of carbs and protein (4:1 ratio) that is necessary for recovery. Get your favorite runner a few months of membership and they'll love you forever - they might even share with you :)

Run Ink Marathon Map

I love Run Ink's designs! Jennifer, the owner, is so creative and every marathon map is unique. Her marathon maps are a great way to commemorate a PR, first marathon, or a special international race. She doesn't just do the marathon distance - there's options for half marathons, triathlons, and custom maps. Have a friend doing their first ultra? Run Ink has you covered.

Run Ink Special Chicago Marathon Map

Run Ink Special Chicago Marathon Map

Go Moji Foot Pro

My second roller on the list, Moji is a bit more affordable than Roll Recovery, and I fell in love with their Moji Foot Pro. It's great for a runner who suffers from plantar fasciitis, but let's be real - every runner has foot pain. The Moji Foot Pro is a great way to relieve the tension in your feet after you run. I bring mine to work and throw it under my desk so I can use it while I'm on a conference call or just working on a spreadsheet. It preps me for my evening runs. Moji just came out with a heated roller and it's currently available for a very special price through their Kickstarter campaign. Go get it!

Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook

I can't get enough of the Spicy Black Beans and Superhero Muffins from Run Fast Eat Slow. Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky put together some amazing recipes for runners, and they provide a plethora of knowledge about why you should eat things like butter, full fat yogurt, and bone broth. In a sport where weight can be a difficult topic, Shalane and Elyse really drive home that calories don't matter. Quality does. Now, go eat!

Run Fast Eat Slow

 Momentum Jewelry

These motivational wraps and foot notes are a great, affordable gift that provides inspiration to any runner. I put mine on before a race and that becomes my mantra when times get tough. Some of my favorites are "Dig Deep" and "Dream Big," but there are lots of options and you can customize a special note.

Sarah Marie Design Studio T Shirts and Tanks

Sarah Marie Design Studio is all over my Instagram feed. And rightfully so. Her motivational and funny runner tees and performance tanks are all the rage. From "Sunday Runday" to "Track Queen" her clothing is soft and something you can wear on a run or just lounging around. New designs include plush and cozy sweatshirts with rose gold and gold lettering that say "Marathoner" or "Half-Marathoner." Don't worry, she has options for the male runner in your life too.

Headsweats Supervisor

I got my first Headsweats Supervisor just before Chicago. I'd been holding onto my old visor forever and struggled finding a new one or better one that I liked. The Supervisor is great because it's an elastic band rather than a velcro strip in the back. I used to end my runs with a major rats nest in my braid because of the velcro. Not anymore! And the elastic band stays put - no need to adjust.

Healthy Human Life Water Bottles

I love these bottles! There are so many reusable bottles and cups to choose from out there, but Healthy Human Life uses a steel that doesn't retain the taste of anything you put in it. I use the cruiser for my tea or coffee, and then I can put a smoothie in there with no weird tea taste left over. I love the 32 oz stein for work because it helps me consciously drink more water during the day. Another perk is they truly keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Get these for anyone in your life.

What's on your wish list this year??