Vancouver Marathon Training - How It's Coming Along...

It's been four weeks since the LA Marathon and I'm still in "recovery" mode. I've been running. Just not very fast or far. My longest run in the last month has been 9.5 miles. I haven't even hit double digits yet. I keep looking at the calendar and counting how many more weeks I have until Vancouver (just an FYI - it's 7. Yes, 7 weeks). 

While the last 4 weeks have felt like an eternity to me and my mind wants to step it up, my body has been really tired and sore. Easy runs have felt a bit tough. I'm not sure if it's because I took too many days off after LA or not enough. I'm always doubtful when it is time to pick up the pace in my training again that my legs will still be able to go fast! When I finally did a "marathon paced" run this week, I went way too fast. My primary goal with this training cycle is to work on my pacing and to stay healthy and feeling strong the entire time. I enjoy laying out my goals a few weeks into the training because I'm already aware of some changes that need to be made. So here's how I'm hoping to stay healthy and strong for Vancouver:

Get More Sleep
Ricky thinks I'm a bit crazy for how much I do and how few hours of sleep I get. I average 6-7 hours a night, but for marathon training, I feel like 8-9 should be my goal. I think what will help me with this is better planning for my week ahead - using Sunday to meal prep and get my life together (laundry, cleaning, and all of the other adult things that suck).

Eat Better
Hi. My name is Sugar Runs. I am a sugar addict. But seriously, I'm thinking about counting macros and trying (really hard) to cut out the processed sugar that I love (hello banana ice cream, goodbye Ben & Jerry's). If any of you have experience counting macros and can offer me any advice or apps to use, it would be appreciated :)

Say goodbye to gelato :(

Say goodbye to gelato :(

Strength Training
This is always a target on my list (insert rolly eyed emoji here) when I start a training cycle. I've actually been doing a good job the last 4 weeks of strength training at least 3 days/week. It's when I start back up with the speed work and marathon paced long runs that this starts to fall off.

Running without Music
I know. The horror, right? Mark suggested I train for Vancouver without music to help me get in tune with my body. Listening to my footstrike, my breathing, and other body cues will help me to better pace myself instead of letting my Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber songs determine my speed. 

Onto other things.... I don't want to jinx myself, but I signed up for the Chicago Marathon guaranteed entry on Tuesday, so I should find out in the next few days whether I'm accepted! I'm hoping to make Chicago my race this year, using Vancouver to smooth out some of my running issues and to get comfortable with racing with no music. Fingers crossed! I saw so many people post their acceptances to the NY Marathon this past week, so I'm very excited to get my own acceptance email :)

Next up is the Zion Half Marathon for my dad and I this weekend! I'm excited for the road trip and few days of vacation!

When is your next race? Happy running!