Week 11 - Chicago Marathon Training + I'm Getting RRCA Certified!

Another successful week of training is in the books and I'm ready to start another busy week. I have some exciting news - I'm attending an RRCA certification course this weekend in Salt Lake City! I'm going to be a running coach! I love running so much and while there's a lot to learn, I am excited to help others reach their goals and love this sport. I won't be offering my services for a bit, but am so happy this process is getting started and I'm looking forward to the many changes this will bring.

For now, I need to focus on what this week will look like and prepping for it amidst the travel plans.

Week 11 Schedule:

Monday: 4.5 miles of trails/hill training + yoga
Tuesday: 8-9 miles of speed work + hip strengthening + kettle bell
Wednesday: 6 miles recovery + yoga
Thursday: 7 miles aerobic + kettle bell
Friday: 5 miles + yoga
Saturday: 15 miles aerobic + weight lifting
Sunday: REST

This week has a few more runs scheduled! I'll be in Salt Lake City Thursday evening and will have a chance to run with the other folks in my RRCA class after our meeting on Friday. My friend Kim will be taking me on a run through the canyon she trains in on Saturday morning for our long run. I cannot wait to spend time with other runners and learn as much as I possibly can!

Week 12 Recap

Last week went really well - all scheduled runs were accomplished and I closed out the week at 39 miles. I crushed my Tuesday night progression run well beyond my expectations by going from 8:30 pace down to 6:57 in the first 6 miles and then doing 2 cool down miles. I went faster than planned, but it felt good to push the pace.

I thought my Saturday long run would be equally successful, but I'm not at the level I once was and my long run showed me that. Add some serious heat and humidity into the mix, and its a recipe for a big letdown. I started the run a little later (wanted to start at 5 am, ended up on the road at 6 am), but my progressions went as planned until mile 12. I went from an 8:30 pace down to 7:26 pace. I was supposed to do the last 2 miles at 7:10 pace, but got stopped by a light and chugged too much water. I then started cramping up and felt like I was going to vomit, so I let go of the pace and closed it out with a cool down. Total of 14 miles at 7:55 average. I didn't walk away disappointed, but definitely humbled.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences this weekend with everyone and starting up the coaching part of my website and future ventures for Sugar Runs in the near future. If you are interested in coaching, please head over to my contact page and let me know in advance. You'll be the first to know when my services are being offered!