Week 14 - Chicago Marathon Training

A little late on this week's update, but my ankle is feeling much better, which might be because of the PT or just because I've been resting appropriately. I couldn't bear not running for 2 weeks and was literally going nuts, not to mention my butt and pelvic bone were over the cycling classes. After 5 days off running, I did a short beach run on Saturday morning. I didn't get in the 46 miles I planned and only got in 4, but below is my week 15 recap:

Week 15 Actual
Monday: 1 hour cycle class + kettle bell
Tuesday: 1 hour cycle class
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 1 hour cycle class
Friday: 45 minute cycle class + kettle bell
Saturday: 4 mile beach run + hip strengthening
Sunday: Rest

I also did lots of stretching and core work in between and randomly (even though I didn't actually make it to a yoga class. Not having scheduled mileage put the regimented life that I love into a bit of chaos. 

The beach run was tough. I can tell I'm losing some of my aerobic fitness level for sure. I focused on my form and tried to land more on the ball of my foot than on my heel to alleviate my ankle from the stress caused by my form. When I woke up on Sunday, my calves were killing me. I attributed this to the toe striking and that my muscles weren't used to being used in that way, but it was so painful. I felt like my calf muscle was going to snap off the back of my knee. At this point, I was just so pissed at my body and self, but at least my ankle wasn't the thing causing me pain.

Ricky and I went to Palm Springs for the 4th of July, which was both relaxing and exhausting. It's hard to want to do anything in 100+ temps. I made it to the gym on Monday morning for a short 5K on the treadmill (had to rock my patriotic Pro Compression socks). The soft, springy bounce of the treadmill made it easier on my ankles. My calf was still pretty sore and my pace was slow at 9:30 average (not just because of my body pains but because of a hangover).

We came back into town Tuesday afternoon and I was feeling sluggish after all of the bad food and alcohol. I let myself get carried away on vacations and usually regret it afterward. I ran a little over 3 miles Tuesday night to meet up with the GRVL crew for a run. I ended up walking 2 miles with Peter who is working through some pain in his knee. This week's schedule is overall very easy and relaxed.

Week 14 Projection
Monday: 3.1 miles
Tuesday: 3 mile run + 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 1 hour cycle + 1 hour yoga (finally made it here)
Thursday: 3 mile run + hip strengthening + planks
Friday: 45 min yoga + kettle bell workout
Saturday: 60 minute run???
Sunday: 10 mile trail run

Everything through Thursday has been accomplished. The 3 miler on Thursday was the first time my ankle wasn't hurting the entire time. I catch myself overthinking my form and focusing on what my feet are doing rather than just running. I'm so scared of causing a serious injury. The trail run on Sunday will be my chance to get in a longer run and work my way back up so I can have a good Week 13 of training. I've abandoned my original 70 mile peak schedule and am rewriting it to allow myself to just work up to 50 miles. I'm still hopeful I can do well in Chicago if I give myself an appropriate and practical training plan given my setback.