Week 12 - Boston Marathon Training

So Cal weather is so weird. We were just experiencing nonstop rain and wind, but the weather just did a total 180 and its warm and dry. My allergies are really annoyed at the moment. It looks like the weather will cool down midway through this week and I'm really looking forward to that.

This past week of training there was a definite mental and physical breakthrough for me, and I can see that my body is responding to the training and care I'm giving it. My constant goal since stepping it up to the marathon distance almost 2 years ago has been to feel strong during my training and in my races. I don't want to be out there running and feeling miserable (who does??). It's not necessarily about the pace I'm running either. It's about how I feel during my runs. Since changing my nutrition and implementing serious recovery techniques, the change in how I feel has become so much more evident. The breakthrough this week came not just after my speed work on Tuesday, but after my long run this weekend. I felt really freaking good on both runs and felt like I had so much more left to give. My aerobic pace has become faster and easier on my long runs and I'm no longer scared to take on distance. In my Chicago training, the long runs were a huge struggle for me, so I'm really happy with where I'm at.

I also raced this past weekend! Well, I participated in a race. My friend, Tess, was in town from San Francisco and she's been getting back into running recently, so I found a local 5K for us to run in downtown Long Beach. Sunday's are my recovery days, and since Tess has just been getting back into running, her pace is around my recovery pace, so we got to run the entire race together. It was fun because a portion of the route is along the same path I do my long runs. After the race, we went to brunch (where I drank way to much champagne) before Tess had to catch her flight home. It was a fun way to end the weekend and to do my recovery miles!

Week 12 Schedule:

Monday: 20 minute morning run (2.2 miles - 8:34 average pace)
                7 mile evening run (8:11 average)
Tuesday: 9 mile fartlek (7:21 average)
                1.5 mile w/u and c/d, 5 min effort + 1 min recovery + 2 minute effort + 2 minute recovery (repeat                 sequence 4 times)
Wednesday: 4 mile recovery (8:27 average pace)
Thursday: cross training
                 30 minute elliptical + lifted shoulders, triceps, lats
Friday: 6 miles + 8 x 100 meter strides with 100 meter recovery between (8:17 average)
Saturday: 14 hilly miles (8:03 average)
                 30 minute kettle bell workout
Sunday: 5.5 mile recovery run (9:23 average)

I'd say I'm looking forward to this week, but these allergies are blocking my excitement for the hard work I have to put in. Hopefully, the air clears soon.

Tell me about some of your breakthroughs in training - I want to hear about them!