Week 15 - Boston Marathon Training

Another week down, only 14 more to go. This week was a bit challenging. One thing I'm working on is honing in on my inner GPS rather than using my watch to dictate pace. I'm focusing on what can be called "efforts." So, effort level 1 would be easy pace/aerobic, effort level 2 is marathon pace, effort level 3 is half marathon pace, and so forth. I would argue that this is the hardest thing to do for a runner who is dependent on a GPS watch, but so important to work on because it allows you to be more in tune with your body on race day.

Believe Training Journal

The fun speed workout on Tuesday went great with my effort levels, but my 9 mile run on Saturday was supposed to be 3 miles @ effort level 1, 3 miles @ effort level 2, and 3 miles @ effort level 3, so a progression run of sorts. In my mind, I'm thinking... hold a 7:00 pace (my half marathon pace) for 3 miles right now after running 6 miles before that??? The thought of it was overwhelming. I reread my training log and it said to base these runs off effort, not pace. So I just had to feel like I was running my marathon and half marathon pace, not necessarily hit them. The first 3 miles were good and I held an 8:10 average. The next 3 miles I held a 7:50 average, and then I was able to hold 2 miles at a 7:30, but I felt terrible in my hips because of my massage I'd gotten the day before (note to self: do not get massages the day before long runs), so I used the last mile as a cool down.

Week 15 Schedule:

Monday: 6 aerobic miles (8:06 average pace)
               Hip strengthening exercise (3 x 1 min planks + clamshells + 3 x 30 second side plank (each side) + 3 x 10 bird dogs + 3 x 10 bridges
Tuesday: 7 miles speed work (8:00 average)
                2 mile w/u, 4 x 2 min at marathon pace, half marathon pace, 10k pace, and 5k pace with 2 min recovery between, 2.8 mile c/d
                25 minute kettle bell workout
Wednesday: 4 mile recovery (9:00 average pace)
                      25 min yoga
Thursday: cross training
                 800m row + lifted biceps, shoulders, triceps, lats + 30 minutes elliptical
Friday: 6 miles + strides (8:18 average)
            2.5 mile w/u + 8 x 20 sec strides w/ 40 second active recovery + 2.5 mile c/d
            15 min recovery yoga
Saturday: 9 miles (7:55 average) average
                 3 miles @ 8:10 average + 3 miles @ 7:50 average + 2 miles @ 7:30 average + 1 mile c/d
Sunday: 30 minute recovery run (3.3 miles @ 8:56 average)
              10 minute kettlebell
              Hip strengthening exercises (planks + donkey kicks + strength band work)

I did a bit more yoga and tried to incorporate some strength training each day and felt pretty good overall. While the long run felt defeating, I feel really good about where my training is headed. The inner GPS struggle is real, but I know my paces will match my efforts eventually. That's when you hit the peak.

How'd your training go this week?