2018 Goals - See Ya Later 2017!

Another year down! I love looking back on my goals from the prior year to see how many (or how few) I was able to accomplish before setting new goals for the next year. 2017 was good to me! I went 3 for 3 (I think - some of this is your opinion).

Adidas Running

My first goal for 2017 was to gain more coaching experience. I started 2017 with a few runners who trusted me to help them reach their goals, and I'm ending the year with over 30 amazing athletes! I spent the first half of the year working out the kinks in the platform I was using, my organization, and figuring out how to manage athlete expectations and needs. Coaching has been, hands down, one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had - many of my athletes feel like friends and I feel so lucky to be able to help others reach their running goals.

My second goal was to PR at the marathon distance. A very specific PR goal of a 3:15. I was nervous to cut back how many marathons I was doing to only 2, after training myself into the ground running 4 within 12 months. The decision to cut back was a wise one that allowed me to have 2 of the best training cycles I've ever experienced in 2017, but my nerves were right. Boston turned out to be very warm and a PR wasn't going to happen no matter how hard I had trained. But NYC taught me a lot about mental strength and I was rewarded with a 3:14 finish.

The last goal for 2017 was to make my blog a better resource for runners. I started the year off pretty strong and had a few good articles that got lots of reads and great feedback throughout the year, but I still feel like I could've done more on this. As I've worked on growing my coaching business, focus on my own training, and have a full time job, blogging seems to be the first thing to go because of its seeming lack of reward. I don't get lots of comments or consistent readership, so I'm interested - what are you interested in hearing/reading more about??

So What Are My 2018 Goals??

Another Marathon PR

Surprised??? I can't give this distance up just yet. After such a good race in NYC, my passion to tackle another 26.2 is clearly present. But the goal this year is far bigger than cutting off 5 minutes. I'm hoping to break 3 hours by the end of 2018. Big goal? Yes. But I've said it. It's out there. Now I'm gonna chase it down.

Grow My Business

I'd be lying if I said coaching, working full-time, doing the Instagram thang, and managing my own training is easy (because it's not), but I love coaching so freaking much. I've enjoyed connecting with so many amazing runners and helping them reach their goals. The reward has been immeasurable. I'd love to take coaching full-time at some point, and I'm hoping and working to make 2018 the year I do it.

Improve My Flexibility

This seems oddly placed after those other 2 goals, but seriously, this is a BIG goal for me! I am the least flexible person EVER (I know, that's a really bold statement but it's true!). Changing this will improve my running too. I'm really committing to a serious yoga practice (that fits my busy schedule) and sticking with it no matter how uncomfortable it makes me.

That's it! I'm pretty excited about what 2018 holds not just for me, but for all of my athletes and all of YOU! What are your goals for 2018?