Recovery Tools: Rapid Reboot Review

I've been using compression boots since early 2017 when my chiropractor would let me sit in them on Fridays before my long Saturday runs. I love them. They feel amazing and my legs always feel a bit more fresh afterwards. The idea behind the technology is similar to that of compression socks or sleeves, except on a much higher level. The compression increases blood flow to your muscles, decreases inflammation/swelling, and enhances cellular repair. For someone like me who needs to recover quickly, especially in high mileage weeks of training, adding this tool to my recovery game has helped me reach new levels in my training.

Rapid Reboot

I wanted a pair of my own for after my speed workouts, long runs, and just whenever I felt like it. I wasn't able to get the full benefit of using them for recovery by only using them in my chiropractor's office. My chiro had Normatecs and they are pricey AF. $1495 for the Normatec Pulse System. I knew I would get good use out of them, but that price was a bit much. I checked out a few options that were on Amazon for about $500 or less, but the quality was just not the same and you could tell from the photos and reviews.

My chiropractor recommended I check out a race expo because they usually offer a discount there. I went to the LA Marathon Expo in March of 2017 in the hopes of snagging a good price. Normatec was there, but I ran into the Rapid Reboot booth first and tried out their model, which also happened to have a bit of a lower price tag ($995). They were amazing - the quality was great. Almost exactly like the Normatecs. Some of the main features that enticed me with the Rapid Reboots were:

  • Modes: Allows you switch the modes between peristaltic (each section compresses and decompresses as it goes up your leg) and recovery (each section compresses and stays compressed until it reaches the top and the entire boot decompresses).
  • Pressure: You can adjust the pressure to your needs. I like more pressure, but sometimes it can be too much. The option to increase or decrease pressure is a huge plus.
  • Ability to choose the active sections: If you want to focus more on your calves, and want the recovery mode for them, you can choose to just have compression in that section of the boot. My quads usually need the most care, so I sometimes put the system on for an extra 5 minutes on just my quads.
  • Time: Options are for 10, 20, and 30 minutes. I usually go for 20 minutes (primarily because that's the max amount of time I can sit still for haha), and the system turns off automatically when its done.

I was in the midst of training, so I bought the boots and it was the best decision ever! I use them after every long run, I take them with me when I travel to races, and I just love relaxing in them a few times/week. I recently bought the hip attachment as well because my hips get super sore during peak weeks and it also works wonders for my recovery game. Ricky loves using them after his crossfit classes too, so they get used a ton and they will last forever because they are great quality.

If you're interested in a discount code, check out my Instagram and shoot me a DM!