2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Now that we’re getting into the holidays, I wanted to share some great gift ideas for that special runner in your life.  Some of these products are things I’ve already tried; others are things I really want! The prices vary from $5 to $500 and I’ve put some special codes in on a few of the products if you want to purchase them.

  • Nuun: These are great for every day or race day. They have Nuun All Day, Nuun Active, and Nuun Energy tablets. Drop them in a bottle of water, watch them dissolve and enjoy a refreshing flavorful beverage without all of the extra sugar or carbs you get from sports drinks.

  • Salonpas: These are every runners dream. If you haven’t tried them, go get them now. These are great for sore muscles, especially in your back or neck, after a long run. They come in a patch or a gel form.

  • Road ID: Great for every runner, you can wear this nifty ID tab on your shoe or as a bracelet. This product is truly about safety – if you pass out or are injured on a run (i.e. hit by a car, can’t breathe), they can identify you and the top 3 folks to call in an emergency.

  • Wild Friends Peanut or Almond Butter: If you are on Instagram and follow other runners or health nuts like I do, you know Wild Friends is part of their diet. On toast, mixed in oatmeal, paired with a banana, this is an awesome all-natural product that tastes delicious (or at least I think it will – I just ordered my first pack of 6!). Wild Friends is currently offering 20% off your order with code HOLIDAY20.

  • Flip Belt: This is something I’m dying to get for my marathon. The Flip Belt lets you carry what you need without weighing you down. It’s made of moisture-wicking fabric allows you to hold your gels, phone, and any other things you may need on a long run. It slides over your shorts and fits snuggly on.

Photo courtesy of  FlipBelt.com

Photo courtesy of FlipBelt.com


  • Pro Compression Socks or Sleeves – I currently have the Pro Compression women’s leggings and love them. They are comfy, sleek and breathable. Pro Compression offers sleeves and socks that increase blood flow and allow quicker recovery from long runs (I have not yet tried the socks or sleeves out, but will let you know when I do and how well they perform for me). You can use code CYBER to get 40% through the end of this month.

  • GPS Running Watch: I recently got the Garmin Forerunner 620 (see previous post for details) and love it. There are a lot of other running watches out there including TOMTOM and Soleus. This helps improve training by tracking distance, pace and calories.

This list does not contemplate all of the products out there that runners love, but are just some that I have on my list. If I've left something off that you like or are wanting for the holidays, please let me know. Happy shopping!