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Inside Tracker Review - Optimizing Biomarkers to Help Reach Your Goals

When I decided to get blood work done last month, I went to the Inside Tracker site to get a list of tests I should consider taking. I was already thinking of using their DIY testing option - you get the tests done through your health insurance or primary doctor and then upload the results to their site after you receive them. They also have options where you don’t have to deal with your doctor at all, order the tests you want, and just head to your nearest Quest Diagnostics site for the blood work and it all gets loaded directly into their system.

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Well, That Came Quick - My Fall Racing Plans!

When you run a late June marathon, the fall season pops up on you pretty quickly, so I’ve gotta get my racing plans out there! I definitely have a desire to race more this season because I didn’t race a ton during my Grandma’s buildup because running another marathon during your marathon training really wears you out! I want to use my races during the fall as check in points for my fitness to make sure I’m on track for my sub 3 hour marathon goal or to adjust if needed.

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