Fit Friday! 2015 Goals

I'm not a big fan of "resolutions" per se, but I love setting goals. With 2015, I'm setting out to accomplish quite a bit. Before I reveal my 2015 goals, let's talk about this week's workout

This week was more relaxed because of my race last Friday. I didn't take a rest day until Wednesday, and that was only because my legs were beat from an intense leg workout on Tuesday morning. It was so tough I had to leave my Spin class on Tuesday night because my legs were ruined!!! Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Saturday Spin Class: The day after my race I went to spin class and it was great to get in some cardio after such an awesome run.
  • Sunday Run: I set out to do a 4.5 mile run and take it easy because I knew I should've given myself a rest day instead of working out again. I was feeling so good, I added another mile and averaged a 7:52 pace.
  • Monday Gym: I got to spend some time at my parents' house Monday night and my sister, Sara, and I were able to find an hour to go to the gym together. She's a new mom with a 1 year old, so it's hard for her to find time to workout and she's looking to lose the baby weight now. I walked her through some of my workouts and provided her with a 3-day a week training plan that she can do on her own. It was nice to focus on her, and it gave me a little bit of a rest.
  • Tuesday Leg Day: Holy cow I must've done 500 lunges & squats Tuesday morning. I also did some shoulder work, but my legs were beat. I usually don't feel it until the next day, which is why I knew I was due for some rest when I was only 10 minutes into Spin and had to drop out.
  • Thursday Run: Started 2015 with a short, hungover 3.7 miles at 7:48 pace. Yeah, I'm ready to get back onto my schedule now.
  • Friday Run: I wanted to hit the gym and do a spin class, but when I got there the class was already full (props to all of the 2015 NY resolutions that stuck to it and beat me to the gym). So I opted for an almost 6 mile run at 7:48 pace. My legs are still sore from my Tuesday leg work, and I have a 10 miler planned for tomorrow. I don't have another rest day planned until next Friday.

2015 Goals:

Run a Marathon: This has been on my bucket list for a very long time and I am scared shitless to take on this distance. I love the half marathon distance and thought I would be satisfied running that distance forever. But something changed and I want to say I've run a full marathon and will do just that in April. Now, I need to find a training plan!

Break a 1:40 Half Marathon: I'm hoping this goal is not too far off given the fact that I just PR'd at 1:42:08. I shaved off 5 minutes from my last half marathon only 2 months prior. I'm looking to accomplish this by incorporating more speed work into my training.

Run More Races: As I mentioned in my 2014 recap post, I run an average of 4 races each year. I'd like to up that number to 10 in 2015. We'll start with the Southern California Half Marathon I just signed up for today that takes place next Saturday.... Wish me luck!

Grow My Blog: Starting a blog is no small feat and I give major props to all bloggers out there. It is time consuming and difficult to say the least, but very rewarding. I just got my first comment from a fellow blogger (Agnes from Aggie Runs) and this was awesome! I'm learning more each day and am looking to create a more interactive community where you, my readers and fellow running/fitness lovers, tell me what you want to hear and it's more of a back and forth discussion.

Visit (and maybe run) Machu Picchu: Ricky and I are planning a trip to Peru in July. There are several different adventure packages where you can run a 26.2 or 18 mile race along the Inca Trail. The packages include other excursions and activities as well. I need to do some more research to see if it's feasible to incorporate a race into the trip!

2015 looks good to me. What are your goals for the new year?