Fit Friday - Marathon Bridge Program

Back to back race weekends definitely took their toll on me. It's been almost 2 weeks since the Long Beach Half Marathon and my body is still aching. I haven't maintained a strong focus on recovery or strength training. If you read my Portland Marathon recap, you know that was something that I knew had to change this time around. I've been doing ok so far. I've made it to 3 yoga classes in the last 2 weeks and even made time for a cycle class. I have yet to make it into the gym for weight lifting (I think that's because of the 4:30 am wake up call that entails).

The California International Marathon (CIM) is just 7 weeks away. 6 more long runs. I want to make sure that I'm ready to get a BQ and that I don't struggle as much as I did in Portland. CIM has a net elevation loss and is known for being a very fast course. I don't want to take that for granted though.

This is going to be my first time doing a bridge program where I don't have time for a recovery term post marathon. The Long Beach Half was the start of the bridge. Now, I'm working up my miles. My long run last weekend was 15. Then I've got 17, 20, 22, 20, 16, 10, and Race Day. I'm pretty nervous with this approach given how my body feels right now, but I'm staying positive and looking forward to another challenge.

This week has been crazy - I'm in a wedding this weekend, and I'm also the biggest procrastinator ever. I just picked up my dress yesterday (thank goodness the tailor did an awesome job and didn't have to redo anything), cut my hair 2 days ago, and got my nails done last weekend. Now, I have to bake. The bride is Italian, and it's tradition to have (Italian) cookies at your wedding. The bride asked everyone to bake a batch. I couldn't be the only bridesmaid not bringing cookies! So, I'm baking and working this morning, post my 5 am 17 mile run before I head down to Temecula for the festivities.

I'm glad I got the 17 miler out of the way. I know I will not be able to do much of anything this weekend aside from party, but I'm going to try to hit up the gym. Here's a recap of my workout's since last Friday:

Saturday: Nada - I was too hungover to run :(
Sunday: 15 miles; 8:17 pace
Monday: 1 hour cycle class
Tuesday: 8 miles; 7:35 pace. I worked on peaking my speed in the middle of the run and then tapering off. I made sure to keep every mile at a sub 8. MIssion accomplished!
Wednesday: 5.5 miles; 8:16 pace. GRVL Run! We got a bit lost (it was only supposed to be 4.5 miles)
Thursday: Solo morning run - 3.8 miles; 8:27 pace. Evening run with GRVL - 3.6 miles; 8:30 pace
Friday: 17 miles; 8:18 pace

I'm happy to close out the week at 53 miles. I'm hoping to finally incorporate weight lifting into my program next week as I feel that's the primary thing I'm missing right now.

Have you ever done a bridge program?