Fit Friday! Feeling Stronger Every Day

It was a good week. I accomplished my furthest distance to date and am happy to say the fatigue I was feeling a few weeks ago is starting to subside which may indicate that the anemia is iron deficiency from my diet. I'm actually looking forward to my marathon again rather than dreading it - or every run leading up to it. 

My long run on Saturday - perfect running weather.

My long run on Saturday - perfect running weather.

This week I logged 39 miles and returned to the gym. It's amazing what a weight lifting workout can do for your body. Even though I hadn't been in the gym for 2 weeks, I felt the benefits of my Tuesday morning weight and ab workout in my Wednesday run. My muscles were sore, but I could feel how it helped my form and made me feel strong.

Saturday: 16 miles at 8:43 pace. The brutal wind was at my back for the first 8 miles, helping me average 8:20/mile. Turning around made my pace go up to 9:00/mile.

16 miles - getting it done and feeling great!

16 miles - getting it done and feeling great!

Sunday:  Spin - 1 hour. It was nice to cross-train again. I haven't been to a spin class in weeks.

Monday: 5.3 miles at 8:21 pace.

Tuesday: Weights and abs. 

Wednesday: 10 miles at 8:01 pace!!! I'm freaking back!! Legs were tired, but I felt great and was surprised by negative splits. I'm looking to break 8 minute pace on my midweek run next week.

Thursday: 5 dreadmill miles in the morning, followed by 3.1 in the evening with the GRVL Runners Club.

Run club on Thursday was awesome! We stayed after and did some beer tasting and the turnout was good. The time change next week will hopefully bring out even more runners.

Here's what I've been eating:

Spiralized broccoli noodles with sirloin. If you don't have a spiralizer, you need to get one - it helps me eat so many more veggies.

Turkey and veggie wraps are my go to lunch jam right now.

And this whole pint when down midweek... we all have weaknesses, right?

Happy Friday everyone!