Cordskinz - Product Review

Disclosure – Cordskinz sent me their product to review.  All opinions and photos are my own and all content is my honest opinion.

Who hates tangled ear buds? I know I do. I've had tons of ear buds die hard because I yank them continuously out of whatever crazy knot they end up in after I throw them in my bag or with all of my running gear. When Cordskinz reached out to me to try their anti-tangle Cordskinz, I was stoked.


The folks at Cordskinz sent me 2 pairs of skins - one red and one lavender, which I chose. They came in a nice thick envelope with the directions printed on it. I left them on my desk for a few days. Once I decided to skin my ear buds, I thought it was pretty difficult. I realized that my packages didn't come with a skinner tool to make it easy to put them on. I emailed the Cordskinz team immediately to let them know and they were nice enough to send me a pair of sparkly pink skins with a skinner tool. Great customer service and response time.

Now, how did they perform? Pretty well overall. I use one set of ear buds for work - I wear them on the train - and another set for running. The ones I take to work get tangled really quickly. I had no issues with tangles at all once I put the Cordskinz on. Every time I pulled them out of my bag, they were in my ears in less than 5 seconds.


The running ear buds were a different story. The Cordskinz are able to keep the ear buds untangled in part because they are thicker than the cord itself, but also because they are stiff, which prevents them from tangling up. It also prevents them from moving as freely as I do on a run. I wear my ear buds down my front and string them under my sports bra. With the thickness of the Cordskinz, it continued to get stuck on my sports bra and the buds had a tendency to pull out of my ear with sudden, swift movement.

1. Keeps ear buds untangled, preventing damage
2. Easy to use
3. Affordable

1. Not good for high activity/movement

I haven't run with the Cordskinz again, but would recommend them if you use ear buds on your way to work, to talk on the phone in the car, or to go to the gym to lift weights.

You can buy Cordskinz on their website or at Let me know what you think about them!