It's All Downhill.... Time to Taper

Let's talk taper. How do you do it without losing your mind? Because I haven't even started and just thinking about it is making me a little crazy.


I peaked about two weeks ago at 22 miles. This last weekend was my last truly "long" run at 14 miles. It's all downhill until race day now - I'm keeping every run from here to marathon day to less than 10 miles. I've already started feeling withdrawals though and I don't want the buildup of my training to be over yet. Or ever. I guess I'm looking for my next marathon already.

In the spare time I have had the past week 2 weeks (because work has been eating me alive, hence my blogging hiatus), I've read quite a few articles that have scared the crap out of me about becoming either super lazy or not lazy enough during my taper period. All I'm left with is a whole lot of anxiety which has been causing me to inhale leftover Easter candy like it's my job.


Besides reducing my mileage to 80% this past week, then 60%, and finally down to 50% over the next 2 weeks (or that's what I think I should do), I also need to start focusing on my diet. Which means no more Easter candy, and probably less peanut butter. Either way, the next few weeks will be interesting in trying to figure this next step out.

What are your taper methods? How do you fuel your body leading up to a marathon? Or any race?