Week 3 - Chicago Marathon Training

I had another tough 20 miler this past weekend. After 2 speed workouts on still tired legs, I was happy my long run this past weekend called for an easy pace. I've been incorporating so many marathon paced miles into my long runs, that I realized I was overdoing it, so I cut back this week and my goal was just to run an 8:30 average. I thought that would make it easy, but it didn't.

I had to use this past weekend as an opportunity to try a new fuel again too. This time, I tried Glukos gels that Peter gave me. He really liked them when he ran the San Diego Half Marathon, and they are more liquid than gel, which is what got me interested. The biggest downside to these gels is they are huge compared to the typical gel. They didn't fit into my water bottle's pouch (that can fit two regular gels), and they felt pretty bulky in my FlipBelt. I put them on the backside of my belt, above my butt, and while it felt a little less awkward than in the front, it was annoying to reach back for them rather than just reaching down. They went down much easier than the regular gels though, and I didn't need as much water to chase them. I was able to take two of them (well, half of the second one), but I'm not sure I could carry 3 of these during a race because they are bulky. They are still pretty sugary too. It's an option - I can at least carry one in my belt during the race.

I looked at this week's schedule and realized I have to start toning down my miles. Which I hate. Who else hates tapering?? Ugh, it was hard to get rid of some miles this week, but I figured out how to cut back and I'm really looking forward to crushing the long run I have scheduled. 15 is a good number for me to get in a tiny warm up and lots of marathon paced miles to hopefully give me a last boost of confidence before the race.

Week 3 Schedule:

Monday: 7 aerobic miles
Tuesday: 10 mile threshold workout - 6 x 6 min at 6:45 pace (2 min recovery btw) + yoga
Wednesday: 9 mile track workout - 3 x 1000 @ 4:00 or better + 3 x 800 @ 3:30 or better
Thursday: 5 recovery miles + yoga
Friday: Rest/Yoga
Saturday: 15 miles - 2 mile w/u + 13 at GMP (7:27)
Sunday: Rest/Hike

After going to the chiropractor for the first time this past week, and it was a great experience. He really understood the importance of keeping me healthy and running, rather than telling me not to run. I spent some time in compression boots as well and it was AMAZING. I kind of want to buy some for myself! The visit helped me refocus on recovery and the importance of taking care of myself. I'll be doing weekly appointments leading up to Chicago to keep myself feeling good!

What do you do for recovery?

Have you been to a chiropractor before? Love it or hate it?