Journey to Sub 3 - Episode 3: 5K Race Recap + Blood Work Results

I grabbed a big 5K PR, but then got tough news in my blood work results. I held off on sharing much over the last 3+ weeks because I was navigating what was happening to me and how to take action. My blood work came back and showed I have a severe B12 deficiency, which explains all the symptoms I was experiencing with fatigue, weakness, poor recovery, etc. But I still feel lost - in a state of limbo - while I wait for the supplements to take effect and figure out how to salvage the remainder of this cycle which only has 9-10 weeks left to build. It’s tough to want to continue chasing a big goal when the training had such a rough start and I feel like I’m still trying to get it back on track.

In this video, I share more about the race with some post race video and actual race footage, and what I’ve been doing to work through my nutrient deficiency. Check it out!


Link to Inside Tracker blood work I got done (DIY Advanced Test):