How to Program Your Garmin - Advanced Workout Tutorial Video

I’ve been meaning to put this video together FOREVER. When I started using my first Garmin (a Forerunner 620) 4 years ago, the advanced workout feature was the most amazing feature I discovered on it. When I became a coach, I couldn’t find a good resource or video online to share with my athletes so they could use this feature. I found a lot of people had no idea this feature even existed!

The advanced workouts feature really takes the guess work out of doing a workout and allows you to focus in on just getting it done. No more writing it on your hand in sharpie or trying to memorize the workout before you head out. The video goes over how to input a workout and sync it to your watch on a desktop/laptop (my preferred method), or through the app on your phone over bluetooth. It’s a long video, but I promise it is worth watching if you have this feature on your watch and haven’t been using it. I’ve also included a few helpful websites at the end of this post that you’ll want to check out to get started.


A few useful links:

Download Garmin Express for your desktop:

Garmin Connect website:

Download the Garmin Connect app:

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