Smart Summer Running Tips

It’s getting much hotter here in CA. Many of you have been dealing with the heat for a couple months now though, so Paula and I wanted to put together some training and hydration tips to help you stay healthy and strong during this tough season. Here’s a quick video from us:


Training Tips:

  • Run in cooler times of the day (morning or evening).

  • Run by effort. You’ll find it’s harder to hit paces you were hitting in the cooler months, so switching to effort based speed and running will help you still get the benefits of training, without over working your body (and your mind).

  • Wear sweat wicking clothing. If you are comfortable wearing just a sports bra or no shirt in warmer temps, do that. Otherwise, make sure you are wearing sweat wicking, light clothing to keep you cool.

Hydration Tips:

  • Carry water with you or run on a route near water fountains.

  • Pay attention to your thirst. Drink when you are thirsty to avoid overhydration.

  • Perform a sweat rate test. This can provide you with more info on how much fluid you are losing during a run so you’ll have a better idea of how much to take in to avoid dehydration.

Find out how to do a sweat rate test here!