Well, That Came Quick - My Fall Racing Plans!

When you run a late June marathon, the fall season pops up on you pretty quickly, so I’ve gotta get my racing plans out there! I definitely have a desire to race more this season because I didn’t race a ton during my Grandma’s buildup because running another marathon during your marathon training really wears you out! I want to use my races during the fall as check in points for my fitness to make sure I’m on track for my sub 3 hour marathon goal or to adjust if needed. Here’s the list of races I’ll be at:

  • Conquer the Bridge 5.3 miler (9/2/19) - this race will be for fun. I ran this race two years ago and its TOUGH, but I’ll just use it as an effort session and don’t plan on full on racing.

  • Lexus Lace Up Orange County 5K (9/7/19) - this race will be my baseline for fitness. I hate 5ks, but I think they can teach us a lot. This will be my first time racing part of the Lace Up series and I’ve got quite a few athletes who will be out there as well. They’ve got other races in Riverside, Palos Verdes, and Ventura. They were awesome enough to offer me a code, so you can use SUGARRUNS for 10% off your registration for any of the races in their series.

  • Manhattan Beach 10K (10/5/19) - I’m excited to do this race because it looks competitive and the course has some rollers. I’m hoping to go sub 39 here if my fitness lines up.

  • Santa Clarita Half Marathon (11/3/19) - I’ve heard so many great things about this race the last few years, so I’m glad it finally lines up with my fall racing plans. I’ll be shooting for a 1:25-1:26 here.

  • California International Marathon (12/8/19) - I first raced CIM in 2015 and this is where I not only qualified for Boston for the first time, but got one of my two negative split marathons to date. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be doing this race and that I’ll be chasing a huge goal here. Excited to make this one count the most.


So there you have it! I’ll be racing every 4 weeks or so. I’ve never raced so much during a training cycle, but am so excited that each one really falls strategically into my training plans for this cycle. I’m clearly a planner when it comes to racing, but I also like to be flexible in case things come up. My goal is to get to CIM healthy and ready to run a sub 3 above all other goals. Let’s see if I can’t get some other PRs during this cycle too!

What are your fall racing plans??