Week 14 - Boston Marathon Training

I worked pretty hard on my inner GPS this week after such a fail on my long run last weekend. I focused each run on the paces that I wanted to see on my watch at the end. This week's training resulted in an on point progression run where I hit each effort level (marathon, half marathon, and 5K) and was almost spot on with my paces for my current PR's in those distances. I was happy that I felt like I could've gone a bit faster at the end of that run. A sort of redemption after the prior week.

The only downside to this week was a lack in recovery. I need to remain focused on building and maintaining hip strength, and my yoga practice. Last week and this week only contained 2 yoga sessions and I didn't get any hip strengthening work in this week. While I did add a Pilates class this week for added strength training, I would like to focus on doing yoga or deep stretching at least 4 times/week. My hips are already starting to tighten and the goal is to keep them loose and strong.

Week 14 Schedule:

Monday: 6 aerobic miles (8:11 average pace)
               20 minutes recovery yoga
Tuesday: 8 miles speed work (7:46 average)
                2 mile w/u, 6 x 3 min at half marathon pace effort with 2 min recovery between, 2 mile c/d
Wednesday: 5 mile recovery (9:00 average pace)
                      25 min kettlebell workout
Thursday: cross training
                 1 hour cycling class + lifted shoulders, triceps, lats
Friday: 5 mile progression run (8:20, 7:40, 6:57, 6:37, 8:22)
             *7:40 and 6:57 are my current marathon and half marathon PR paces
Saturday: 10 hilly miles (8:10 average)
                 20 minutes recovery yoga
                 1 hour Pilates class
Sunday: 4 mile recovery run (8:56 average)
              10 minute kettlebell workout
              2 x 1 min plank + 2 x 30 second side plank

I loaded my recovery and additional strength sessions into my weekend and that meant that Sunday didn't feel as much like a recovery as it should have been. I tend to fall off recovery as the mileage increases because it leaves less time for the supplemental things that really make you a more healthy athlete. I'll be focusing on this for the next few weeks and ensuring these habits stick.

How do you incorporate recovery into your training?